Main Reasons For Adult Group Tennis Lessons

Individual tennis lessons serves its own purpose of providing a dedicated training session for the student. The attention span is entirely on you, as a student. Of course, you will stand to gain more and learn the tennis techniques faster. However, learning tennis alone can be tiring and a bit boring maybe. Therefore, group tennis lessons can be more fun.

Next to really good exercise are the social advantages of joining an adult group tennis lesson. This is a fantastic way to meet new people and establishing contacts makes it worthwhile for an adult to sign up for tennis lessons. Group tennis lessons are always available at the local tennis clubs and facilities. Some people get a little nervous about learning in a crowd, but there really is nothing to be afraid about in a group atmosphere. Everyone is ordinarily at the same level and can learn from watching classmates.

The best part of the class is the camaraderie that can develop. Beginners have been known to encourage and cheer on the others in the class, making the whole experience a lot of fun. Believe it or not, but learning in a group can make mastering the basics much easier. Those just starting out in tennis have both the rules and the techniques of the game to master. It’s easier in a group as everyone is learning the same thing at the same pace, and again, folks can observe how others do something and learn from watching..

All of us would like to learn tennis as soon as possible. Without any push, one may not be spurred on to perform at a higher level. However, in a group setting, the tennis lessons can be more intense with more people pushing one another to succeed.

There is another advantage adult group tennis lessons have for the beginner who is shifting from a sedentary to an active lifestyle. A private lesson may involve an enormous amount of exercise that the person is not yet physical ready to do. Frankly, because there are a number of people an instructor has to worry about; a beginner will hit fewer balls and run a lot fewer laps in a group class. Later, when that beginner has begun to physically improve, he or she can take more intense and physical lessons.

Adults need a way to easily connect and relate to others on a social level. Taking tennis lessons with a group of adults allows for exercise and a chance to meet new people. The benefits are definitely worth the cost of the lesson.

Given the high cost of living in Singapore, learning tennis in a group environment would reduce the cost for each individual as the per lesson fee is spread out across more people. In Singapore, each person can expect to pay from $20-25 per hour for a group lesson as compared to having to fork out at least $70 per hour for private individual lessons.

In order to avoid being in a situation which may not be conducive for a lady being alone with a coach, a lady student may consider learning in a group of students.

In Singapore, group tennis lessons tend to be conducted after working hours. Hence, it forces you to be disciplined to rush away from work for a good work out. There will be no more excuses. Group tennis lessons also makes you discipline to attend the lessons as there tend to be no make up lessons should you miss a class. Unlike, private lessons where one can dictate the terms a bit more as to the timing of the lessons etc, group tennis lessons are more rigid.

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