Maintenance Program ? Leadership Growth Crews

Leadership Development Crews is a unique and exciting opportunity for individuals seeking to improve their leadership skills. These crews are typically smaller than other summer crews and are composed of college-age individuals who want to become stronger leaders. Leadership is not an easy task, therefore, this experience challenges individuals to enter a realm of growth and discovery.

In order to conserve Vermont?s natural resources, Leadership Development Crews work in seven-week session as specialized roving crew, in partnership with the Vermont Department of Forest, Parks, and Recreation. Trail stabilization, construction of 40-foot bridges and maintenance of lakes are examples of projects in the past.

Aside from technical projects, Corps Participants are subjected to an intense, experiential curriculum, in which they learn skill and leadership theory, and analyze unique skills as a result of workshops. At the end of their training and training, Corps Member have a chance to lead their crew for a week. Holistically, these crews will impart emphasis on being responsible of all elements of leadership so as to train Corp Members for future Leading Positions. It is an intense learning opportunity based on instruction, discussion, action and reflection.

Corp Members in Leadership Development Crews will gain a grandiose amount of confidence, better self-knowledge and more technical skill by the end of the summer.

The VYCC offers two Leadership Development Crews: one comprised of both males and females, and one consisting of all females.

The Female Leadership Development Crew offers young women the chance to discover their leadership skills and explore the conservation field in an environment focused on support, encouragement, and empowerment. Female Leadership Development Crews are an example of such training programs. The fields of conservation are extremely dominated by males. Studies suggest that these programs are most effective in giving aspiring Female Crew Leaders to gain the necessary self-confidence and technical skill required for the job. These young women will be forced to expand their comfort zones, pushed to look into this field and learn from each other. One of the support structures are highly trained female who will bring gender and empowerment focus to the curriculum in the form of discussions, workshops and sharing.

Young men and women have an opportunity to live and work together in the Co-Ed Leadership Development Crew where they can learn about their leadership skills and further explore the conversation field in a challenging and supportive atmosphere. Each and every member of the crew will be required to explain their point of view in clear and profound manner. Corp Members who have the invaluable experience of working together safely and respectfully will return to their home and school community empowered.

Crew Leaders who part of the Leadership and Development group will be given the freedom to train, advise, handle and educate the crew in group living and work setting in the hinterlands. This jobs requires are burning desire to teach and train Corps Members in technical projects, group dynamics and the latest camping techniques. Furthermore, they will have to teach a meticulously stringent leadership curriculum and provide beneficial criticism to individuals who are still developing their personal leadership style. Leaders must be self-reliant, self-motivated and exhibit sound judgment, while also skilled in the logistical aspect of crew leading, (e.g. safely driving a passenger van each day to the worksite or on recreational trips).

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