Modes Of Transport Changing Over Time

Throughout the history of man on this planet, our main modes of transport have always changed as technology advances. In the very early days, we walked and ran everywhere, but then started to move onto horseback. As civilization became more advanced, we developed mechanical means to move to distant places far quicker.

Modern technology plays a massive influence in our travel plans. A few generations ago, it was quite normal for people to spend the whole of their lives in one small area. In more recent times, many people spend their spare time exploring other countries and continents.

In the majority of countries, rail travel became the first mass transportation system. The population was suddenly able to travel hundreds of miles relatively easily. This gave people the opportunity to explore new areas of the country, for example the coast, and even search for work further away from the home. Even today, rail travel provides an important part of any strong economy and allowing workers to travel between home and office.

Some countries have returned to rail travel as a form of commuter transport to take the pressure off many highways, and some cities have seen the return of trams to carry workers and shoppers to and from the city center.

The main dominating mass transportation system in the modern age is air travel. At any one time it is estimated that over a quarter of a million people are in the skies over the United States. International traffic is a major source of profit for all airlines. At the busiest part of the day, a flight is departing on the New York to London route every 15 min.

For the last hundred years, the automobile has played a major part in most economies throughout the world. The car has given citizens the opportunity to move further away from cities, and live in quiet suburbs. As well as moving to new locations, the automobile has also given people greater freedom to explore their region and country without any timetables being forced on them. However, with the rapid depletion of fossil fuel and low carbon emission targets, it seems possible that people may have to return to other forms of transportation in the future.

The travel arrangements we have today would have seemed like science fiction to people only 100 years ago. Whenever we take a flight, we often travel at over 500 miles an hour, but this might seem quite outdated in the next hundred years. Commercial sightseeing trips into space are planned within the next few years, so it seems hard to imagine the different modes of transport we will have in the future.

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