Mounting Your Horse

If you are wondering about the safest ways of mounting your pony, you have 2 choices, you can risk plenty of issues with your pony and to oneself by imitating Zorro or the Lone Ranger, or you can go the safe, standard way.

Hopefully, you have settled on the second plan of action. You’ll find this article of masses of help. Correct mounting of a horse is a critical part of horse riding. Even though you do want to try out some tricky mounting techniques at a later stage, you can lay the right foundation with control over the traditional method.

Mounting a pony is not as easy as it looks, particularly if you have a skittish pony. You will find this out the hard way when you attempt to mount the horse for the 1st time. Mounting is far more tougher than you may believe. You do it best when you have established a strong bond of trust and respect with your pony.

Mounting your pony

– Test the girth before you try and mount. It should be tight and snug. You should be able to slide in two fingers between the horse’s side and the girth. You don’t need to cause severe distress to your pony by attempting to cut him in 2 with the girth. At the very least, girths that are too tight could cause some painful skin abrasions. Try and maintain balance and equilibrium when you mount. You can displace the saddle, particularly if it’s been fitted on a bit loose, so be very aware of your movements.

– Make it a habit to get on from the horse’s left side, This is standard practice. At the outset, you might think about using a mounting stool so that you can get used to the shifts in balance that happens when you mount a pony.

– Take a grip on the reins and a little bit of your horse’s mane with your left hand.

– Your pony may move towards you to help you take control while mounting.

– With your right hand, grab the saddle at the rear. NEVER grab the horn. Grabbing the horn exerts an unpleasant pull on the horse. You can try for more leverage on the cantle by shifting you hand further toward the back of the saddle. Remember this, though: you’ve got to move your hand out of the way of your right leg as you mount and your leg swings over.

– You can now step into the stirrup with your left foot. If necessary, bounce on your right foot a few times to gain enough momentum to swing all of the way up, over and across. Stick close to your horse to help maintain your balance.

– Use the momentum you generate to swing your right leg over. Raise your leg sufficiently high to clear the horse and the saddle on it. When you succeed in learning the knack of how to do this, you’ll find yourself in the saddle with minimum discomfort and maximum comfort. Make no sudden moves, and don’t impact hard against the horse to prevent him getting startled. Learn how to be stylish.

– Once you have swung over, get your right foot into the stirrup immediately. Try to not poke your toes into your horse’s side as you try and get it into the stirrup.

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