My life avoiding the Hardworking Debt Collection Agency

Living as a poor broke and dumber human is no life at all. And I’ll be the first to admit it; I’m a total moron. My life has been nothing but disappointment and bad decision making. This has only brought me to getting calls from a debt collection agency everyday which I feel like was my only friend for a long time. I work a low paying garbage job in the retail industry stocking shelves and miscounting money. I had every chance in the world and I squandered each of them. Now I’d be happy with a way out.

I was born into a well to do family. We had plenty of cash and my parents were loving as well as caring and rich. They could easily afford any material possession I wanted and was even prepared to pay for my college tuition. I was without a doubt set up for a financially secure life.

At some point though, things went south. I never tried hard in school and I didn’t exactly shine academically. Barely graduating I went to community college in an attempt to get my grades up only to drop out a semester in. I ended up taking a minimum wage job and smoking lots of pot to kill time. One day I woke up and saw my life was going nowhere.

As any normal human being could see coming I was booted from my parents because I was a stupid bum and a loser. For months I couldn’t afford my credit card payments and even eat dinner on most evenings. I didn’t have any sound financial planning and I thought for certain I would soon see the inside of a bankruptcy court.

If it weren’t for the man by the name of Pat Maser I would be screwed for sure. His idea of directly selling telecommunication services to customers I was able to determine my own income, be my own boss and set my own hours. At last I had a road to financial independence and I no longer thought I was an idiot.

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