My Secret To Crafting a Life Of Better Cartridges

Today’s home or office isn’t complete without the inkjet printer; it has become one of the most popular pieces of technological equipment in homes and offices worldwide. These types of printers require a specific type of ink cartridge that will eventually need replacing. If these cartridges are simply thrown away, however, they can become a huge burden on the environment. Though one cartridge may feel insignificant, everybody’s cartridges can fill up a landfill.

Let’s look at a few facts concerning ink cartridges. The plastics in many ink cartridges can affect many landfills due to the fact that they take almost 1000 years to completely decompose. Another great reason ink cartridges should be kept out of landfills is the fact that the chemicals could possibly pollute water sources if they seep into the soil.

It is simple to see why the recycling of empty ink cartridges is becoming so popular, especially after considering the alternative. Many ink cartridge manufacturers will take your empty cartridges right off of your hands and refill them with fresh ink, making the need for throwing anything away completely gone. About 80% less energy is used when a manufacturer recycles an empty ink cartridge. This means that more ink cartridges can be recycled and less can be found in landfills.

Another interesting fact about recycled ink cartridge is the fact that the majority of recycled ink cartridges usually cost about 30% less than brand new ink cartridges. Buying a recycled ink cartridge is a win-win situation; the customer wins on saving money and the earth wins on saving energy and keeping waste out of landfills. Once an ink cartridge cannot be filled anymore, it still does not have to go into a landfill; many former ink cartridges are used to be turned into items like coat hangers, fence posts, and even shoe soles. Another exciting development in the business of recycled ink cartridges is the material called eWood, which both eliminates the need to cut down trees while recycling old materials.

As if you needed another reason to recycle your empty ink cartridges, there are now companies and recycling programs available that will buy your used ink cartridges from you. There are many people who can benefit from this type of arrangement. Even if you do not have an area close by that will recycle your empty ink cartridges, there are now many charities providing free envelopes to ship your ink cartridges to the recycling company of your choosing.

The advantages of recycling empty ink cartridges is clear to see after looking at all the facts. Mother earth will thank you for taking the time to recycle your empty ink cartridges.

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