Network Marketing or Network Slavery?

There are several ways to get rich in America today. I long ago seemed to become intrigued by the concept of the network marketing business model. In my opinion it certainly was far better than any other business I had tried to earn serious money in because you could leverage the power of a big corporation and still remain independent. But.. what is the real truth about a network marketing or many work from home businesses?

About 2 decades ago I was completely turned off by the network marketing industry. Not because it wasn’t a great concept. But because like many things I saw it becoming undesirable because “people” damaged it with poor decisions. Most leaders taught methods that actually made you a slave to your business because of constant prospecting. Though the business model is well proven. still today most struggle with creating systems that are duplicatable. I ran quickly from all of that searching for a better way after seeing it would require the same 50-60 hrs or more per week of constant effort that my regular sales career did.

If we are totally honest we would have to admit that whenever you build a network marketing business by prospecting to get new members it will certainly never end. Furthermore, if you build your organization using 3 way calls and actually get good at it your downline will explode. By becoming so effective at this you are actually setting yourself up for failure. I mean, think about it a moment. you are living in some sort of false fantasy if you buy into the thought that you will ever be free when you are engaging in the exact same type of things that had you a slave to your previous job.

It is feasible to live the dream of both monetary freedom as well as time freedom. This could be achieved by developing a company that enables you to implement financial leveraging. Nevertheless, one could also extremely easily create a network marketing business that merely trades in on type of being enslaved to a job you hate or perhaps a demanding career to get a comparable type of slavery like daily prospecting and 3 way calls. I mean, really… doesn’t it really defeats the whole objective of developing a leveraged income stream in the event you have to invest all your time and energy prospecting and on 3 way calls? Here is really a brutal observation I have made. Should you manage to construct an MLM business by continuous prospecting you will be a slave of that very company and it’ll never stop. You will always have to be engaged in it and can be trapped without a way out.

What do you really believe? Ask your self the questions below and you will see.

Pursuing – or – Being Requested

Trading your Career for another enslaved activity -or- building a residual income business and being FREE

Daily 3 way calls and prospecting -or- Only speaking to people who are already on your team

Sign up people by prospecting – or – Sponsor without ever picking up the phone

Use over 85% of your valuable time doing things that do not make you money -or- use your energy wisely with 85% of it going to things that generate income

Would it be a total game changer inside your network marketing business if in lieu of needing to prospect each and every day you could communicate ONLY with 10-20 people who already showed interest in your opportunity. I’m referring to people who actually gave you their information and asked you to get in touch with them. I offer you a challenge to dig deep inside yourself, answer the questions I’ve asked here today and move forward in gaining your Freedom from becoming enslaved by daily prospecting tasks.

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