Accident claims on the up, statistics show

There is an ongoing debate about whether we live in a ‘compensation culture’. The multitude of adverts on TV and radio reminding people they might be able to make a claim, along with the unsolicited phone calls and text messages many people receive, would suggest that there is some truth to the notion that the legal profession is being taken over by so-called ‘ambulance chasers’. But, as anyone who has been seriously hurt in an accident that wasn’t their fault will tell you, compensation can make a real difference, and it also provides an important means of holding those at fault to account.

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Broken Ankle Accidents

Your ankle plays a crucial role in your body by connecting your leg to your foot and giving your body a way of passing important messages from your brain through to this area. Although it may seem like a very delicate and often unimportant area of the body, it’s actually crucial to your ability to walk, run and do many other things, in addition to giving you the flexibility to be able to perform many of these tasks with ease.

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