Asvab Practice Test

Prospering in your upcoming enlistment examinations is simple when you have your ASVAB practice test with you. However how can a practice test help you pass? Let’s take a great review the aspects below that make this review material beneficial.

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Tips On Using A Ballistic Vest

When you plan on using firearms of any kind, whether it be for work or leisure, you must ensure that correct safety procedures are followed at all times. This is why finding advice on using a ballistic vest is highly important for you to learn about. You must make sure that your protection is properly attended to so you will find this essential.

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The Mascot Shore

Mascots, you’ve seen them, you’ve loved them, you may have even hugged one or given it a high five. The often cute, sometimes, weird, but always iconic creatures that can be seen roaming the sidelines of any college football game at any given time. Sometimes they are animals, sometimes characters and sometimes something a little more vague. They often embody the history, traditions and values of the school they represent and they can bring multitudes of passionate alumni to their unyielding defense in countless sports arguments. There are literally thousands if you consider all the universities, community colleges, high schools and even pro teams out there. However, nothing get’s people excited like a good college mascot and many have some pretty interesting origins. Here are a few.

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U.S. Marine Corps Reserve’s ‘Toys for Tots’ Program

The U. S. Marine Corps Reserve has a sixty odd year old scheme to collect toys for tots from needy families both in the United States and in other countries. The aim is to save new unwrapped toys during October, November and December every year and then hand those toys out as Christmas presents to deprived children in the community in which the campaign is being conducted.

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