Ten Common Mistakes Photographers Make

We all have some kind of device to “capture the moment” but are we able to really capture that moment? Here are some mistakes that photographers make. First-Not using flash is something that many photographers fall into at some point. This can really decrease the quality of color and lighting in your pictures. It is important to get a good camera that has good flash. Second-Sometimes cameras have modes to choose from for different lighting and locations. If you are like most people you really don’t want to read over those tedious instructions to understand when and where to use the settings and modes.

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Different Learning Styles

Each individual is unique and will process information and learn things differently than any other person on the planet. While our experiences and personalities will differ drastically from other individuals, there are some characteristics of learning that can be classified and assigned to an individual. When you search for learning styles on the internet, Wikipedia tells us that there are a minimum of 8 different modalities that break down their own ‘styles’ of learning. Each modality is based on research and use a variety of words to express similar ideas. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to keep it simple. There are 5 primary learning styles and an additional 2 styles that may be added to further define the learning style of an individual.

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Job Networking

There is an increasingly common trend that is developing across the nation of mature individuals returning to school after or while working in a career field for a time. These returning students are finding greater successes in their fields following their completion of collegiate degrees and are able to use their new education to advance their careers into formerly unthought-of paths.

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