A Little Doll Shopping Advice

Looking for a special gift for a girl in your life? How about a doll? That’s right, they are great for playing, but can also be a collector’s piece and even a family heirloom. If this resonates with you, this article will give you some basic advice on knowing which doll might be best for you.

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What Are Real Baby Dolls?

If you search the web for real baby dolls, you will most likely find dolls with the following names: life like, lifelike, reborn, or newborn dolls. Although a knowledgeable doll collector would be ashamed, the average doll fan doesn’t seem to know the difference. But, they’re all looking for the same thing: a small doll that looks amazingly realistic, In fact, many people might think for a moment that they are actually babies. This is the new thing that many people want.

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Understanding Victorian Dolls

The term Victorian Dolls is one of some debate among doll lovers. Doing a cursory search can be quite confusing as the title seems to have two different meanings. Some take it to mean porcelain dolls that were created in the Victorian era. Others take it to mean dolls that are dressed in costumes of the same period. I tend to think it’s not quite that simple. This article will take a brief look at the different perspectives.

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Porcelain Dolls Forever

Porcelain dolls are realistic-looking, ornate or collector’s dolls with heads composed of porcelain glass. Their bodies, however, are usually created from cloth, vinyl or plastic. Some older dolls have painted-on hair, but the majority come with wigs. There are actually two kinds of porcelain dolls: China and Bisque. China dolls as a rule have a polished, glazed finishing while bisque porcelain dolls have a matte finish. Bisque dolls are particularly preferred because they have a more real looking finish. The heads of porcelain dolls are produced from molds and then baked in kiln ovens.

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