The Progress Of Female Athletes & MMA

There have always been women in mixed martial arts, but for many years, most MMA organizations did not sanction fights between female athletes. It took Dana White and the UFC 20 years to sanction a women’s MMA bout, and if you do a search for women in MMA, you’ll see the focus is still mainly on how the fighters look rather than on their skills and ability. Recently, female MMA fighters have made some important strides and have proven that they are as fierce as the men.

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The Greatest Boxers Of All Time

In any sport, it is difficult to determine which athletes are the best the sport has ever known. Partly this is because there is no way to truly compare the fighters from different eras and partly because people have strong opinions about athletes they love or hate. To select the greatest boxers of all time, one must use variables that include overall records and the quality of their competition as well as more subjective areas, such as showmanship.

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Entering The World Of MMA: Tips For The Beginner

If you don’t have experience with any type of martial arts training but still have your heart set on training in the world of MMA, it’s natural to be nervous about joining an MMA gym. You might think it’s better to simply go to facility and learn a specific martial art instead, but if you really want to learn MMA, then there is not better facility that a good MMA gym. This option provides you with ample opportunities to learn a wide variety of skills and how to integrate these skills into a solid fight plan.

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The Record Book Of MMA

Within the scope of modern MMA, dating back to the first UFC event and the creation of universal MMA rules, there have been many records set and later broken. Some of the records are still held today, but as the months and years pass, fighters continue to improve and set the bar higher.

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Extreme Activities In San Diego

San Diego offers plenty of seashore for those who enjoy splashing around in the waves and there are excellent shops and museums to enjoy, but if you crave a bit more adventure and excitement, you probably want to spend your time with some more extreme activities. San Diego also offers plenty of fun adventures for those who prefer a bit of danger or intensity along with their fun. Here are just a few examples of some activities that you might enjoy.

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Increase Your MMA Impact

Many MMA athletes came to the sport as experts in one specific area, such as wrestling or kickboxing. While having strong skills in one area is great, to become successful, it is important to build multiple skills. More and more fighters are continuing to train in different styles of fighting, making them more versatile and powerful in the cage. There are many skills you should have in your MMA arsenal; here are a few key choices.

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Gear You Need For MMA Training

For those who take a weekly Jiu-Jitsu class or perhaps a kickboxing class, no special gear is needed. Your regular gym clothes will be fine. However, if you are focused on becoming a professional MMA fighter or want to engage in hard core mixed martial arts training, then you do need to invest in some special MMA gear. This doesn’t mean that you need expensive designer clothes and designer gear; you don’t have to break the bank to get started with some basic MMA equipment.

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