Why I Make Gun T-Shirts

The world is a frightening place, my friend. Chaos reigns abroad and people are being treated as objects all over the world. Despite being the ‘Land of the Free’, even Americans are not immune to this type of treatment. However, the misused and abused are no where near as terrorized in this country as they are in others, nor is the turmoil nearly so widespread. This is because we have guns, my friends. There are enough guns in the United States for every single person who lives here to hold one in their hands. This is why I make gun t-shirts, friends.

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How To Use Funny Weed T-Shirts As A Tool For Legalization

If you spend any time with me at all, you will discover that the legalization of the plant we call marijuana is of the utmost importance to me. I feel that if dangerous drugs like alcohol and tobacco are legal in the United States, then marijuana should be just as freely used. It is my right to use, and I work very hard as an activist in my state to make this right a reality. Knowing this about me, there are many of my friends who wonder why I still wear funny weed t-shirts in my daily life.

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Twist Common Perception With Funny T-Shirts

Humor is a way for people to relieve stress. Laughing is just as instinctual and natural as sneezing, coughing, and farting. No one sits back and consciously thinks, “I believe I shall laugh now.” It is something that just happens when the right stimulus is introduced, much like pepper to a sneeze. Of course, the same stimulus does not work on everyone. Some people like a certain type of humor while other people enjoy something completely different. Our laughter is hardwired, and mine comes from the absurd. Funny t-shirts that center on this type of comedy are right up my alley.

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Deer Hunting T-Shirts Ruffle Some Feathers

When you grow up in the deep south, there are some fundamental things that you get accustomed to seeing. It’s no big deal to see a jacked-up, 4X4 truck covered in dried mud cruising through town. It really doesn’t raise too many eyebrows when you see someone wearing a gun openly on their hip. When hunting season hits, you can bet your socks that there are going to be guys wearing deer hunting t-shirts with truck-beds full of dead deer.

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Skulls Are In Fashion

Skull Gear Apparel Inc began in 2006 from me going to many Motorcycle events and seeing how People would react to the Biker Shirts and Gear. I would see what they Liked, what they didn’t Like and I would see what I liked and what I didn’t Like. At one point I said out loud ” I can make Cool Shirts that everyone will Love and can Wear too. Not being one who just talks the talk, The Idea slowly started forming in my head to create a Cool Line of T-shirts.

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