No Non-Partisan Political Information Is Spoken In News Reports

Since non-partisan political information does not bolster any one side in a political discussion, it should follow the facts and ignore the emotions. True non partisan material is so very hard to obtain because of the ease at which the illogical stuff is put out there. Thinking about everything you hear is the only way to find and then evade the material that is not worth listening to.

When one side of the aisle will tell the reporters something and they simply repeat it without checking it out, there is no accountability. There is no investigative research and there is certainly no rational thinking about what any of it means. There is no integrity when a demonstrable lie is propped up as the truth and the final authority on the subject.

The political discussions revolve around the controversies of the day. The second amendment is treated as a foreign idea. There is no discussion of what the presence of weapons, in the hands of law abiding citizens, means. There is only the scare tactics that would have everyone afraid of them.

Since the media does not care about the US Constitution, it is important to remember from which perspective they publish their content. They do not care for the first amendment except as it pertains to their rights to print and broadcast their one sided, emotionally driven pieces. The second amendment holds no sway with them as their friends in Washington, and in many State houses, have nothing but contempt for much of the Constitution themselves.

There is no non political information being discussed at the several debates that are held across the country during the election cycle, either. The massive amounts of blanket statements means that the person talking does not want to deal with the actual facts of the discussion. They will also turn to emotional comments that preclude rational thought and that is purely political.

Getting correct, factual information should be easy if you are paying attention to what is being said. Ignore emotions, listen actively and pay attention to those things that are not blanket statements. Look at some of the websites that tell you they are non partisan and see who is writing the content. Most of the sites that suggest they are not partisan will give themselves away by supporting one candidate or policy over others.

Looking out for yourself and the facts is what you need to do in order to understand what is going on. The freedoms you have enjoyed are at risk when people are not saying what it is they want and what laws they are willing to pass to take them from you. Politicians who state that the Constitution is a living, breathing document, do not believe in it and should not be listened to.

Non-partisan political information is just that. It does not support one side over the other. It only supports the truth in its rawest form. This type of information will take the wind out of the sails of both sides of an argument.

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