Non-Partisan Political Information For News Junkies

The definition of non-partisan political information has undergone quite a bit of change from the mid 1950s. There used to be a working press that would present news and information so that people would be informed about the issues of the day. That is not the case, today. Both sides of each and every issue present the message they want you to know and the media chooses which side they want to report on.

When people go to competing factions for this type of factual data, they are being misled. Not presenting facts is one of the worst things that can be done. There are more communication platforms which should make it easier to get the facts out, yet, both sides depend, largely, on misinformation and broad generalizations. They do this to avoid looking like they are for or against anything.

One of the things that is so frustrating to everyone interested in receiving good data is the tendency of politicians to engage in bumper sticker politicking. The talking heads and politicians believe they have to weight what they want with what the listeners want. This is rarely the same thing, so a bit of double talk is necessary.

Take the issue of health care, for example. Factual content would simply report the statistics of the number of people who do not have insurance coverage or who have no access to health care. These listeners are told, instead, the emotional recounting of people who have had problems with health care. They fudge the numbers to make it seem as if millions are unable to access health care in an emergency.

Any time the emotional buttons are being pushed, you have partisan rhetoric. There are rarely any facts, which would be the correct data, involved in these types of arguments. The gun control issue is one of these. In an effort to do something because children are being killed in schools, the partisan comments would blame law abiding people who do not participate in this. Mental health issues are not brought up by these politicians because it does not sound dramatic enough.

Going to a debate is somewhere that many people believe they will be able to find this type of factual substance. They would be wrong. The rules usually do not allow for the imparting of anything that might actually give any real information to the attendees. One side does not want messages of this nature to get out and the other side just wants to get along with the first side.

News junkies must cultivate different places to get this type of factual data. There are many websites that claim their non partisan stance on all issues. This is easy to analyze as there will, usually, be an outright advertizement combined with the copy. Sometimes it is hidden better than at other times, however, it will probably be there.

Non-partisan political information is the recitation of facts. They may be good looking and they may be quite ugly. Making them pretty for public consumption is simply lying. Doing this makes for incomplete data, serves to make the speaker look better and does not help the conversation proceed properly.

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