Oakley Bucket: How To Care For Your Eyeglasses Properly

Everybody is familiar with the brand name Oakley, and instantly imagine designer sun shades and sports eyewear that can be worn under serious environmental conditions. However, Oakley doesn’t just offer hard-wearing eye accessories for sportsmen, the company also produces frames that are fit as prescription eyeglasses.

Prescription spectacles from Oakley, including the Oakley Bucket, are equally stylish as their sports counterparts and they’re also designed with durability in mind. Nevertheless, no matter how tough these frames are generally, still there are basic care guidelines that must be followed to prolong the life span of a pair of Oakley eyeglasses:

Use the right material to completely clean lenses with. Lots of people believe that the house soaps and washing products are appropriate for cleaning eyeglasses. These substances are indeed best for eliminating stubborn dirt or even oil that has piled up on lenses, but they are way too harsh for sensitive lens coatings, such as scratch-resistant solutions, that are normally applied to lenses. Home cleaners can in fact take these layers away, leaving the lenses with less protection than before and so making them prone to marks. As opposed to using harsh washing ingredients, a good way to wash eyeglasses is to simply use domestic hot water and gentle soap. A much better option is to use specially made lens cleaning formulas that are being sold from optical stores throughout London, UK.

Use non-scratching cloths for cleaning. Several eyeglass wearers also have the habit of easily reaching out and then getting the nearest cloth-like material once they have to wipe their lenses clean. This small cloth is most likely the corner of a sleeve, the lining of your coat, a handkerchief, or perhaps paper towels. Many of these are actually quite soft and seem to be safe to glasses, but the truth is they can still cause minimal marks which can accumulate and then make glasses look defective in time. Paper towels as well as tissues are known reasons for scratches on lenses and must be avoided. The simplest way to wipe glasses is to use special micro-fiber cloths – these are designed specifically for the purpose and can be very easily acquired from optical outlets.

Always store spectacles in a hardcover case when not being used. Another poor practice among eyeglass wearers is keeping their glasses wherever it is effortless to place them. In some cases, individuals who wear eyeglasses may also be a bit careless and store their eyeglasses with the lenses touching a surface. If you are planning on not using your glasses for a while, simply just put them in a hard-cover case. This simple solution will safeguard your eye glasses whether these have simple reading lenses or maybe varifocals. Keeping the glasses in a hard-cover case not just shields them from minimal scratches; this can also shield glasses during a slip, when you accidentally sit on them, or maybe if something quite heavy happens to fall on your glasses.

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