Off Road Bikes Are Fun For All

Whether a person rides for sport or transportation, off road or on road bikes are a way to insure a fun ride. With gas prices constantly rising, they are also economical. The smaller engines on the gas powered vehicles get amazing gas mileage. Those powered by electricity are even cheaper to ride.

From the very young to the not so young, people have found excitement and fun in biking. Whether it is on the highway or a dirt track, it takes skill and daring to ride.

Dirt tracks and trails require a different type of vehicle for riding. Some companies manufacture these vehicles especially for the very young. Most dirt track enthusiasts begin as kids. A great father and son activity has often blossomed to include the entire family. There are many young girls and women who ride.

For the more competitive spirit, there is organized racing. The popularity of auto racing has fallen as fuel prices have climbed. Since they use a great deal less fuel, these vehicles can be raced at much less cost. The excitement of speed and competition remains. There are many professional racers, and several categories of racing. Sponsors for the talented racer abound.

New designs and more powerful engines have given these vehicles a place as methods of transportation at home on highways and streets. Small mopeds powered by electric engines to those with the appearance of large motorcycles are now available. Powered by gas engines, the latter are capable of highway speeds. They are also comfortable for longer trips.

There is no lack of persons to share the passion of riding. Clubs and organizations abound for those who are true enthusiasts of dirt track riding or long road trips. Many people are so enamored of the activity they create an entire culture around it.

Many people are concerned that riding is unsafe. There is a great deal of safety equipment available to protect the rider. Heavily padded leather clothing, helmets, gloves and boots may be worn to protect the body. Safe riding techniques and practices are taught by safety organizations. Dealers may also offer classes to their customers. As in any activity, responsibly using safety gear and attention to guidelines reduces injuries.

Whether off road or on road bikes are preferred, there is no doubt that biking has enjoyed a great rise in popularity in the last few years. In many countries around the world there are a much greater number of bikes ridden than there are automobiles. In the future this may well become the case everywhere.

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