Office Move – Make Sure Your Move Goes Off Without A Hitch

Planning and preparing your office move will be hectic without a plan and without you knowing what you’re getting yourself into. In a nutshell, you will experience the best office removals and moves when you make a plan well ahead of time to make sure your move goes off without a hitch. Let’s now look at the various phases of a successful move.

In stage 1, which should occur a year before the transition, you must point out a moving leader in addition to a task force. This task force should be made up of three folks at the most and regularly meet up with coordinator to take care of the plot of transitioning and dole out duties for the move.

In the 2nd stage of the transition, nine months prior to the move, you’ve got to select a space planner as well as a designer. Next up when moving is the business of the facility plan, which you’ll have to think up and then complete; this is a component of the 2nd portion of the transition. As you’re coping with office removals and office moving, you’ve got to possess extra staff to make the transition more efficient. You must advertise and take applications for this bonus staff well ahead of the move, just to be sure.

The 3rd stage of any transition includes the lease space, which must be taken care of almost half a year prior to the transition. You ought to search for additional space, save it and then rent it. You should then order the new furnishings, tools and the telephone equipment. All the particulars must be taken care of immediately.

The 4th stage must be imposed just 2 months prior to the transition. It’s characterized by obeying all of the previous months of careful plotting. This is the chance to select and schedule the move. Stuff to think about entails everything from telling your customers about your move to accessing your new office building.

Finally, all of the above preparations for the better part of a year all come down to this: phase 5 or implementation! This is where it all counts. Implementation should take place no later than 1 week to no earlier than 1 month before the actual, physical move. Implementation takes care of issues such as installing the interior finishes, handing out the brand-new building manual to your staff, packing the equipment, occupying your new office building and installing the furniture, equipment and telecommunication system.

Once you have completed the actual, physical move, you can hold your grand opening at your new place. Of course, you ought to allow yourself the appropriate time to get settled first.

MaryAnn Lobban is the marketing manager at BetterMoves, a Removals and Moving Company situated in Johannesburg,South Africa. For more information on Furniture Removals please visit our website.