Offshore Marine Employment: The Challenges That Await You

It will not be a surprise to anyone if you choose to seek employment at an offshore marine job site. You will not be alone in this wish, in any case. Many people are looking at offshore sites to land a job, simply because offshore contractors offer huge compensation packages to their employees. And there is always a high demand for skilled workers on these sites as well, so they are a good place to find employment altogether.

For sure, offshore marine jobs are definitely lucrative. You can score big with only a six-month contract on the site. But the money you will earn from working an offshore job should never blind you to the fact that such jobs are not like your regular 9-to-5 jobs. These jobs require more than just hard work. They require highly skilled and highly qualified workers to do them.

What skills or qualifications must you possess so you can be hired for work at an offshore marine site? It depends on what kind of job you are angling for. Offshore jobsites are always in need of a wide range of personnel to handle their planning and operations. Contractors also require support staff, such as medical personnel, maintenance staff, kitchen staff, et cetera. Thus, whatever job it is you want, what is important is you have the requisite training and certification for it.

For instance, let us say you found a job posting for an electrician at an offshore marine site. Should you go for it? The answer is yes, but only on the following conditions. One, you should have the formal training as an electrician. Two, you should be properly certified to work as an electrician. And three, it would be useful if you have had previous experience working as an electrician. If you do not meet all these three conditions, you should not even consider applying for the job posting.

If you are serious about getting an offshore marine job, you should also consider diving lessons and getting certified as a diver. Your knowing how to dive will make you more attractive to headhunters. Offshore contractors want their onsite employees to be competent divers so they will not be a problem in case an emergency happens at the site. Working conditions at an offshore job site are delicate; as thus, safety standards are always followed very strictly.

There are also other characteristics that you need to have or cultivate if you are to work at an offshore marine jobsite. The most important of these characteristics are patience and perseverance. When you work offshore, you will meet people whose cultures and personalities are different from yours. You will have to work long hours with these people, and you will have to share your living space with them. You will be called upon to sacrifice some level of privacy and a few creature comforts. You have to learn to endure.

If you are really serious about getting an offshore marine job, you have to prepare yourself for it. Offshore jobs are truly rewarding, but only if you have the skills and the qualifications, not to mention the patience and perseverance that the job requires.

The only difference between success and failure at building a lucrative career with an offshore marine contractor is your training at the field and your knowledge of how offshore construction companies run a subsea asset. Find out how you can get the knowledge and the training at