Oklahoma Arrest Records Free Search Online

If you want to locate Oklahoma Criminal Records, you can head to the state’s central repository of criminal files, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Every citizen has the right to obtain the files because of the Open Records Act observed by the state. All criminal files preserved at the bureau are files that come from local police departments and sheriff’s offices in Oklahoma.

The bureau accepts requests for the records. If you know where the records were initially filed, you may also submit a request there. There are two types of search method you can choose from: a name-based search and a fingerprint-based search. The former costs $15 for every request while the latter costs $19 for every request. Both search method can be paid only by money order or by a certified check. The bureau will not accept submitted requests that lack the specified requirements. Also, if the requested records are not located, a refund will not be given.

Criminal records are composed of sex offender records, driving records, arrest records, police reports, and others. Each record contains the name of the offender, the nature of the offenses, date and place where they were committed, physical attributes, and other vital pieces of information. Although the records are open to the public, the right to privacy of the offenders are still protected. The records can be used as a reference or as a legal document in a court hearing. However, it is prohibited to use them to defame, embarrass, blackmail, or damage the reputation of another person. There are corresponding penalties for whoever commits a violation against this rule.

Teens are in the stage of their lives where they are very curious about a lot of things. There are instances where they get too curious that they find themselves in some sort of trouble. Parents, of course, want to know if their children are safe or not. They can refer to criminal files to get an idea about the backgrounds of people that their children are connected with.

Conducting background checks is becoming a regular thing especially with employers and landlords. Employers check the criminal background of job applicants so they can avoid having any troubles with the law in the future. Landlords use the information from the records to determine if it is safe to accept an applying tenant to their premises. A person may access his or her own records to check if there are inaccuracies. It is harder to get a job or find a place to stay for a person that has a criminal record under his or her name. Luckily, a person may request to expunge the records but that will depend on the gravity of the offenses committed.

To commence searching for Free Public Criminal Records, get your hands on a computer with an Internet connection and provide the full name of a person. If it a name is widely used, the search results will be broad. But if you can provide more details about the records, the search results will be filtered further and it becomes relatively easier to locate the correct records in no time at all.

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