One of America’s Famed Golf Courses

When it comes to golf courses that are among the most challenging and unique in the world of golfers one set of links often comes to mind Pine Valley of Camden New Jersey. Historically since 1913, Pine Valley has set the example of tough yet challenging.

Yet there have been golfers among the mix who have remarked at the most challenging holes on this golfing course that perhaps they should take a photo of the hole rather than play it. This way at least they might have their memories, yet retain set of golf clubs and balls intact and in order. Never mind their poise and reputation on the golf links and fairways of their travels in the world of sport and recreation.

In one quick glance, the eager golfer saw a beautiful but forbidding hole and he reacted like many with glee.It can be said that no one ever goes to Pine valley Golf Club in Pine Valley, Camden County, New Jersey unacquainted but nearly everyone, and every golfer and golfing enthusiast is more than pleasantly surprised. There is no other golf course in the world just like the spread at Clementon, New Jersey. Its unusual design and large baffling greens have earned for Pine Valley, a subtitle and reputation of being among the worlds tough and toughest golf courses, virtually without dispute. No doubt such courses such as the Glendale Golf & Country Club in Winnipeg Canada does not hold a candle to it.

Pine Valley is a living monument to the Philadelphia citizen who conceived it and almost single handily started to build and construct it. To the say the least this course is no hobo-ken layout of a golf course laid out in the Manitoba bush called quaintly. It is a shrine to the very spirit of the golf game and the sport of golfing. The conditions of its fairways and greens have long been the very standard of comparison to other clubs and facilities throughout the nation and indeed worldwide. Indeed it is horticultural one of the most unusual areas of the whole eastern seaboard of the United States. On top of that membership in this most prestigious club is of course highly coveted and treasured. The club itself has been the source of much humor and dry humor at that in the golfing communities. It was repeatedly said by the very likes of the classic golfer Arnold Palmer that Pine Valley is not so tough if you can hit the ball straight, keep it out of the sand and putt reasonably well.

Pine Valley has generated more than one golfing tale of lore and even made a major contribution to golfing humor. One golfing newcomer having a most difficult if not challenging round remarked upon struggling onto the seventh hole of the fairway. Do you play the hole or make a golf television instructional program here?It can be said that you never forget your first love and you never forget the golf games played that you dreamed of or played out at Pine Valley Golf Club on the eastern seaboard of the United States of America.

It is one of the few ball games that does not require a standardized playing area. Instead, the game is played on a “course”, generally consisting of an arranged progression of either nine or eighteen “holes”. Each of the played holeson the course must contain a “tee box” and a “putting green” with the actual hole, and there are various other standardized forms of terrain in between such as the fairway, rough, and hazards