Online Vs Print Advertising – Which One Is Better?

Entrepreneurs have various methods to promote their businesses. Online advertising and print advertising are two major advertising methods available to promote businesses. There are various discussions and comparisons about the effectiveness of these two methods. Which one is the best? Is it online adverting, or is it print advertising?

Actually, it is not easy to say that one method is more effective than the other. Both these advertising methods have their unique characteristics and benefits. The benefits they give may differ from one business to another according to the nature and the target market. Read following attributes that each method has and decide yourself.

When we consider the process time, print advertising takes much time than online advertising to complete its entire campaign. This happens because most of the processes in print advertising are done physically like advertisement designing, printing and distributing. When considering online advertising, only the designing part takes a few hours. All the other processes can be done quickly. Therefore, it takes lesser time to execute an online advertising campaign than print advertising campaign.

Online advertising again in the head when considers the exposure. Circulation of a newspaper or any other print material is minimal when it compares with the internet. You can distribute your marketing message globally though the internet. Print media have many geographical barriers, but the internet does not have. Sometimes, you must repeat your advertisement in print media to achieve good results.

Online advertising can be used to market your product to your target market. You will become visible only to the people who search your products or services. We cannot specifically target our potential customers through print advertising. Therefore, the conversion rate of online advertising is higher than print media. However, there is a considerable amount of people around the world who do not access the World Wide Web. If you want to market your products to such people, you have no choice other than print media.

When compare the cost, online advertising is cheaper than print advertising. However, there are many costly promotional methods exist online. Therefore, the cost factor may vary according to the method you use either online or print media.

According to the above factors, you may think that online advertising is always more effective than print advertising. But there are instances where print media bring benefits than the internet. Some features are credibility and tangibility. Therefore, we advise you to use both these methods to promote your business and gain business success.

Whatever form of advertising you want to go with, a full service marketing agency can provide you all the solutions.

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