Ontario Fly-In Lakes Provide First Class Recreation

Ontario Fly-In lakes delight tourists by providing outstanding fishing and other recreational activities. People come from miles away to experience the serenity and beauty of the Canadian wilderness. The area is great for bird watchers, photographers, canoe enthusiasts and anglers. Many lakes boast of populations of trophy game fish.

From the seat of a canoe, paddlers can see Canada’s boreal forest and its interesting collection of flora and fauna. Hiding amongst the pine and spruce trees, a sharp-eyed traveler might spot a red fox, a moose or a pine marten. Black bear and timer wolves prowl the premises. Birds that you might encounter include the common loon, bald eagle, turkey vulture, great blue heron and the great grey owl. In Wabakimi Provincial Park a resident herd of caribou is a big attraction for wildlife lovers.

The fishing in Northern Ontario is rated among the best in the world. Anglers come in search of trophy northern pike and delicious walleye. Other species sought after include yellow perch, smallmouth bass and trout. Many lakes sport populations of northern pike that weigh over twenty pounds.

During the summer, swimming and sunbathing are popular past times. The water is cool but refreshing. August and September tend to be the best months for swimming, because the water temperature is tolerable and the mosquito season has abated. During the spring and early summer, bug repellent is an item you should not leave behind. Sun screen is also advisable.

Many lakes feature cabins along the shore line. For those wishing to rough it, back country camping might be a preferred option. Hiking is possible, but most people choose to reach their campsites by canoe since the waterways form trails throughout the area.

Most of the best places can be accessed only by remote bush plane. The places you reach by air are never over-fished and you may have an entire body of water all to yourself. Whether you decide to camp in a back country camp site or lodge in a cabin, you will be sure to enjoy Canada’s great outdoors.

Ontario Fly-In lakes provide excellent recreational opportunities. From sunbathing to fishing, you can do whatever you please in the privacy of the Canadian woods. You may share your camp site with chipmunks, ravens and deer, but you will be far away from cars and trucks that pollute the air and drown out the sounds of nature.

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