Opening Up Countless For Global Commerce Opportunities

Air travel not only revolutionised the transport industry, but also offered a new, faster and more convenient option for sending packages over long distances and overseas. Deliveries that formerly took weeks or even months (in the case of international cargo ships) could now be made in just a few hours, opening up countless opportunities for global commerce, imports and exports, without having to worry about time-sensitive products expiring or arranging permits to cross international waters.

Many passenger flights carry additional freight between destinations, in addition to the belongings of passengers themselves. Purchasing cargo space on commercial airlines may prove cheaper in some instances than paying for dedicated cargo planes, and airlines are happy to receive the business – between five to ten per cent of airline profits come from commercial cargo arrangements. The disadvantage of shipping cargo on passenger planes is the limitation of space, which makes this method of transport insufficient for many companies’ needs.

Compared to the modest capacities of passenger aircraft, large cargo planes the size of a Boeing 747-400 can hold 26,000 cubic feet of cargo, or the equivalent of five shipping trucks. If your cargo needs are even larger, you will need to investigate options such as super transporters. If you’re concerned about the security or protection of your cargo during transport, you should research the shipping company you’re thinking of using to give you greater confidence in their service. Cargo planes use secure storage systems and pallets that can be moved throughout the aircraft with ease on motorised rollers.

Security is a necessity today. With the nation on heightened alert, the transportation and air cargo industries must be prepared. By its very nature, the airfreight sector places goods in a more vulnerable environment than when they are at a shipper’s or receiver’s facility. It’s not like having your goods in a warehouse; you cannot post a security guard, install lights and a closed-circuit TV system, or build a fence around your freight.

Although there are some trends in what type of commodities are stolen, theft has affected nearly every type of product from childrens’ toys to pharmaceuticals. Some cargo categories that are especially vulnerable include electronics, metals, apparel, pharmaceuticals, appliances and auto parts.

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