Picking Up Tennis Is Good For You

Learning tennis can start at various ages. Some pick it up at a tender age of 3 – 4 years old. Others do not have the opportunity until later in life. Nevertheless, learning tennis is important for all ages, especially for kids for the following reasons and arguments:

Playing tennis is a form of exercise. No matter how you dissect it, tennis should always give you some cardiovascular exercise which helps make it a form of exercise. Playing tennis includes running, sprinting often, extending for the tennis ball, power and grace. It not solely calls for physical agility but psychological prowess as well. I totally enjoy tennis as it offers me a good form of exercise;

Playing tennis stimulates the mind. For most folks, tennis is only a physical sport. Absolutely nothing more. But, if you delve closely, you will know, in fact, tennis calls for more psychological toughness and psychological alertness in contrast to what one may think. Lets consider competitive tennis players, it is easily more than 80% psychological in contrast to physical prowess. Choosing the correct stroke to hit at the correct time is more crucial in contrast to merely whacking the tennis ball hard. This calls for the mind to be nimble and agile to easily discern the correct stroke to make in order to out hit your opponent.

Tennis improves your social network and self esteem. We are all human beings. We require to be amongst people. Tennis will give you that opportunity to mingle and interact with people in a fun and engaging environment. It will help you to form or enter an already established social group. It helps to build you up as a person too. Not all of us are champion tennis players. That said, being able to hit a tennis ball well at times certainly gives me a sense of satisfaction and raises my self-belief a little more. It allows you to make more friends and feel that you belong.

Playing tennis boosts your psychological toughness. Playing tennis, unfamiliar to most players, calls for one to seriously concentrate and perform an act in a jiffy. For competition players, tennis helps to increase their individual worth and esteem. One has to be able to lose graciously, pick up and go on in life to another match. Not winning helps to make one more humble. It teaches one how to be beaten and yet be happy about it.

Tennis is good for young kids If you have the ability, let your kids try tennis at a young age. It will help to build them up physically and mentally. Tennis will open doors for these kids ie they may be able to get scholarships to various universities. It will help to toughen them up mentally. Of course, the physical aspects of tennis training will also make one stronger and fitter.

You may be a tennis mentor. Playing tennis might be a livelihood for some. Preferably, a tournament player, once retired or becoming hurt may give tennis coaching programs and become a tennis mentor. Mentoring might be gratifying monetarily but more importantly it can also be beneficial emotionally as you see your charges grow up to be men or ladies of stature in society. For some, tennis may give you an additional bit of earnings even though you are studying in university.

Tennis can be a business Apart from being a coach, there are many business aspects relating to tennis. One can open up a sports shop selling tennis gear and equipment. You can sell tennis rackets, tennis shoes, tennis bags and many other items related to tennis. You could start and run a tennis club with membership fees. It can be quite lucrative and fun at the same time. Organising tennis tours to various tournaments globally can be another venture to look into.

Finally, if you ask any tennis lovers what he considers of tennis. You will get the answer that tennis is a part of his lifestyle because of all or most of the good reasons above. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the first tennis lesson and you will not glance back again!. Happy Playing and Learning!

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