Porcelain Dolls Forever

Porcelain dolls are realistic-looking, ornate or collector’s dolls with heads composed of porcelain glass. Their bodies, however, are usually created from cloth, vinyl or plastic. Some older dolls have painted-on hair, but the majority come with wigs. There are actually two kinds of porcelain dolls: China and Bisque. China dolls as a rule have a polished, glazed finishing while bisque porcelain dolls have a matte finish. Bisque dolls are particularly preferred because they have a more real looking finish. The heads of porcelain dolls are produced from molds and then baked in kiln ovens.

Contrary to popular belief, china doll were not crafted from China. They get their label from the kind of glass from which they are produced. China dolls are known for their polished, glossy faces and also painted-on tresses. They initially came into style in Germany early on in the 1800’s. Their worldwide recognition diminished when bisque dolls started to be prevalent later that very same decade. They are still popular with doll aficionados.

Bisque dolls are a personal preference for most people because they bear a far more life-like, matte finishing for the skin. They initially grew to become popular in European countries in the mid-1850s. Their demand has fluctuated through the years, but still remain a favorite of doll fanatics. They are available in numerous dimensions from life-size to a few inches. Their garments are often quite fancy.

Porcelain dolls are really popular with serious collectors however are no longer made in great quantity. There still exist, some makers. There are some large manufacturers, but most are freelance doll creators who work out of quaint studios. Most of these dolls are available from catalogs, internet retailers like My Porcelain Dolls, collectors malls, gift shops and also occasionally memory-intensive toy retailers.

Although all dolls are great, there really is no doll quite like a porcelain doll. They are so classy and decorative that any female would love to have one on their shelf.

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