Powerful Stun Guns Provide The Right Defense Against Attacks

I was able to witness up close how powerful stun guns actually were. After that incident, I was induced to be more aware of street defense and how I could protect myself against bad elements.

While I was drinking at a local bar, there was one man who was being more and more unruly. He was obviously inebriated and was even provoking another man into an altercation.

It came to a point where security had to step in and stop the ensuing row. But the drunkard was so uncooperative and wild that they had to use powerful stun guns to incapacitate him.

I imagined that I was in a dark alley and was facing a man like this. I would not have a chance of standing up for myself. I desperately needed stun guns to update my street defense.

I used the Internet to learn more about powerful stun guns. One of the standout devices was the Double Trouble Stun Gun. It can be utilized from either end, thus doubling the contact area. And the bigger this space is, the more potent the stun gun becomes.

Having 1 million volts of power is the biggest selling point for the Streetwise Mini Stun Baton. Just firing a test shot could fend off potential criminals once they see how I am armed.

Since I would be relying on these stun guns at night, the Stun Alarm Flashlight may be a good fit for me. It is a stun gun, alarm and flashlight all in one device. I could keep it in my car for those emergency situations.

For real power, there is the Stun Master Stun Gun. It can administer 2.7 million volts of electricity. I am sure no one will be strong enough to fight against this device. All these powerful stun guns seem just right to protect me.

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