Pros Of A Duo34Cc USB Car Charger

The Vority Fast & Sensible Duo34CC USB car charger is one of the most handy and helpful devices in the marketplace nowadays. Not only does it provide an emergency power source for your gadgets, it also lets you charge your gadgets while you\’re on the go, which saves you precious time and energy.

When you plug your mobile phone\’s charger at home, you have to wait for it to reach a sufficient charge; whereas if you have a dual car charger, you can just plug in the charger to your cigarette lighter outlet, hook the USB cable to your device, and let it power up and recharge while you drive.

Therefore, it becomes bothersome when these devices fail to operate due to lack of power or low battery right in the moment when you need them most.

It\’s even more upsetting when you forget the device\’s charger at home or at work.

Some car chargers get in the way with your FM radio reception, Bluetooth, and Wifi connection as soon as you plug it in your cigarette lighter outlet. Unlike other USB car chargers, the Vority dual USB car charger doesn\’t have external cables and wirings, which may cause interference to other electrical systems inside your car.

This is the time when the car charger comes in very handy. It allows for the simultaneous charging of not one, but two electronic devices at the same time. Almost all products of [known/popular] brands such as Apple, Nokia and Samsung are compatible with the dual usb car changer manufactured and distributed by Vority, a company based in Canada.

Compact and Sturdy Design

The Vority dual USB charger features a compact and sleek design that easily blends with the interior of your car. Its subtle design sits with any car and matches with your vehicle\’s dash space.

The Vority Fast & Smart Duo34CC USB charger, for example, can easily charge two devices simultaneously and provide continuous power to your gadgets while you\’re on the go. It is also compatible with Apple and Android devices, as well as with eBook readers, like Kindle and Nook readers.

Flexible USB DC Power Source

The Vority dual USB car charger has a working input voltage of 10.5 V-18 V, which is set to work within this range. This makes sure that your gadget will not suffer from poor or faulty input voltages that can damage most gadgets.

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Auto Shut-Off and Overheat Function

You don\’t have to worry about draining your car\’s battery or overcharging the battery of your gadget. The features a safety function that automatically switches to minimal charging when your gadget\’s battery is full, preventing any damage due to overheating or overcharging. It also features an over-current and over-voltage shut down function that shuts off the dual USB charger automatically when it detects faulty current or voltage discharges, shielding your device and gadget in the process.

It may take a while to charge it to its full capacity, especially if it\’s totally drained, but you can still use the device while it\’s charging and make that emergency phone call. The dual USB car charger can also recharge a power bank, giving you an alternative to charge another device even if you\’re not inside your car.

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