Purchasing Quality Dance Team Uniforms

The dance team uniforms are an extension of the performers. It shows off their character, personality as well as style. Available in a variety of designs and colors, there are matching costumes for both man and women.

When selecting a costume, the dancer must consider the nature of the performance. The costume’s material should be lightweight and stretchable. This allows the dancer to move without friction from the outfit. It should be snug but not to tight. Generally most performers wear two-piece sets because they allow the most flexibility; however, they also have the option of a leotard, a skirt, pants, shorts or customized design.

For example, the boy leg shorts and energy dance top allows a performer to move without constraints in every direction. On colder days, the dancer has the option of wearing a shell top. This top is form fitting with long sleeves. This top allows the group to stay warm while performing in cooler weather. Certain tops are available with detachable sleeves. These are perfect for warm and cool weather.

Performing is about showing personality. The costume should be attractive as well as comfortable. Unless the performer is barefooted, the shoes play an important role. They should match the outfit in addition to being flexible. Ideally, the shoe will be string less and easy to slip on. Because the shoe does not have shoestrings, the person does not have to worry about the loose shoelaces. Neither does the dancer have to worry about losing the shoes. Depending on the surface, the dancer may require slip resistance socks if the routine is preformed in socks. Although men do not have a vast selection like women, it is still possible for them to be stylish.

The accessories are important to every costume. They should match and keep with the theme of the costume. The most essential accessories are the shoes and the socks. Although most dancers wear ballet slippers, many will perform barefoot. Depending on the surface, the dancer may be required to wear tennis shoes. Each pair of shoes should provide support and not weight the dancer down. The shoe or sock should have a slip-resistant bottom.

A warm-up suit is the most popular type of accessory. Other than wearing them during practice runs, the warm-up set may be worn during an outing. This helps to keep track of all team members as well as show a sign of unity among the group. The typical outfit is made up of jogging or stretch pants and a jacket. The bottom will have the group’s name. The jacket may have the group member’s name in addition to the team name on back.

In an effort to extend the life of the uniform, it is important to follow manufacturer’s care directions. Because many costumes are made with glitter, sequences, beads and other decorations, it is necessary to turn the outfit inside out before washing. Depending on the care instructions, the outfit may need to dry flat or line dry.

Dance team uniforms are delicate items. Often constructed from sequins, glitter, beads and other decorative items, it is important to clean them according to the manufactures instructions. Most customs require the group member to hand wash it in cold water. This will help to ensure the longevity of the costume’s color.

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