Radon System Installation: Points To Consider

Radon is a gas that seeps from the soil into houses and can cause lung cancer. It is hard to notice its presence as it is odorless and colorless. Your home needs to be tested for the levels of gas. If the levels are excessive, the EPA recommends immediate radon system installation. The system is installed to help route the gas in the house into the atmosphere. The work should be carried out by properly trained people to ensure the best results.

Another question you need to have an answer to is the age of the building you are living in. Constructions systems have been changing over the years and they can also differ from one area to another. Old houses often do not have desirable fill below the basement floor. This calls for special attention to them. Modern homes are being put up with facilities that make it easy to deal with radon gas.

The system will help you exposure the gas levels consistently this will help reduce the risk of getting lung cancer. Scientific researchers have discovered that consistence exposure to this gas normally courses cancer that is promoted by exposure to this gas. The unit is very important because you cannot taste, feel or smell this gas.

You can insert a backer rod below the surface of the opening. The holes can be securely sealed by using hydraulic cement. Ensure it is completely sealed to avoid any leakages. You should inspect the opening regularly after fixing the pipes and make any repairs if necessary.

Examine your floor for any openings. Your unit will be undermined if there are any openings in the floor. Look out for areas where large openings are seen or where the soil is visible. You can find such areas where shower and tub drain pipes enter the floor. Even the tiniest cracks on the floor should be sealed to improve the efficiency of your unit.

The presence of the system that is installed helps. This unit has a slight vacuum that is installed under the home the function is that it will pull this air away from the space spaces and direct it outside. The experiences of the person installing the system mast have passed the EPA studies. If the appliance is installed carefully it will typically reduce the concentrations are by a big percentage. The pipes are extending upward for discharging radon safely away from the home. Fan must be located outside.

It is important to have the pipes in the interior of the home whenever possible. This is because the pipes cause condensation in the system especially during extremely cold seasons. This condensation can have adverse effects on the efficiency of your system. Pipes placed on the outside of a house may also affect its appearance.

Radon system installation standards require that the fan be located outside the living space of a home. This is important to avoid excessive presence of gas in the house in case of a leak. Many people locate the fans in garages, attics and other external locations to enhance safety.

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