RC Short Course Truck Wltoys A969 Great For Competitions And Off-Road Racing

One of the more popular RC racing styles is short course racing, loved by a large number of beginners and professional enthusiasts alike. In general, there are three classes for this type of racing; 2WD, 4WD and spec. The spec class varies from one track to another, whereas 2WD and 4WD have certain rules that govern the kinds of motors and batteries that the vehicles can use.

Short course RC trucks are modeled after the real trucks, so are ideal for those wanting to try remote controlled racing. They are also less expensive than other RC vehicle, which is perfect for those on a budget, but who are also after a quality toy. A great short course 4WD truck is the wltoys a969. Its superior handling and durability makes it a top choice for indoor or outdoor racing.

The a969 is a truck that transmits at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. It’s maximum speed is 50 km/h, and can run for 10 minutes at a time on battery power. It is a 1:18 scale model, with dimensions accurately based upon the real truck that it is modeled after. Weighing just under 2 kg and sporting a 390 motor, it can be controlled for distances of up to more than 100 m.

Other special features of the a969 truck include four-wheel independent suspension, two differentials and 4-wheel shock absorbers, for excellent handling on rough surfaces, as well as proportional steering function to help give the road feel and steering control of a real truck.

The truck chassis is made to high quality standards, and is available in two different colors. The green truck is much brighter than the orange one, which is painted in a lot of silver, though both are equally stylish and are sure to appeal to people of all ages. This truck would also make a fine gift for a friend or loved one, and is a great way to introduce newcomers to RC racing.

Traditional RC vehicles do not handle contact with other vehicles well; drivers go to great lengths to avoid this happening at all costs because they are not at all durable, unlike short course trucks. With these, contact is not so much of a concern and so racing them is a lot more fun and creates a feeling of realism. The larger tires also help them hold their ground. One important feature of short course trucks over other RC types is the tires and traction, rather than speed. Many tracks are only good for short course specific tires.

Included with every wltoys RC truck is a battery and charger, transmitter, and owners manual. They offer a great way of spending time with friends, and are equally as fun for vehicle racing at short course tracks. Enthusiasts will truly find them to be great investments as these high quality RC trucks will give countless hours of fun and excitement, all for a very reasonable price.

For backyard bashing, off-roading, or racing on large tracks, a969s offer a great experience both in handling and performance, which are based on a real truck. Due to their affordability, they are sure to appeal to all kinds of hobbyists, experienced as well as beginners, and would make an excellent addition to any RC vehicle collection.

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