Reading Stampin Up Demonstrator Blogs

If one is into handcrafting projects like cards or scrapbooks, then he will definitely like the products that the famous creative store stampin up sells. Now unlike a normal store that would be composed of a building with a person at a counter selling merchandise, this store is actually an online store wherein independent distributors called demonstrators are in the area to give the merchandise to the customers. Very often, many stampin up demonstrator blogs would pop out made by the demonstrators themselves so that they can be able to promote the brand name.

Now the whole goal of these blogs is to actually help the demonstrators get more followers. More followers would mean more sales for them as they would be getting the products from these demonstrators directly. Now the great thing about writing a blog is that the demonstrator may actually have a chance to make his contact with the customers personal which means that he can give the best customer service.

Now one of the most common blog topics that these demonstrators would actually write about would be the events that they help hosts. Now usually, customers of this brand would hold stamp parties with the help of a demonstrator from the area. Now in a nutshell, a host would hold a party wherein people can showcase their creative talents using stampin up products and the demonstrators in the area would help with the hosting.

These independent distributors would tell about what happened during the little gathering and who the people were. The demonstrators would also showcase in their blog page the finished products of the people who attended the party. It will basically show the public just how fun arts and crafts are with creative stamps.

Now another topic that a lot of demonstrators would write about would be steps on how to create certain artworks. Now they would showcase a certain artwork that they made using stampin up products of course, and write the steps on how to make it. First, there would be a picture on the top of the page and the steps would be located below the picture.

Now this kind of post is very good for the sales of the demonstrator because it will engage the customers to the brand. Once the customers are engaged, chances is they will be more intrigued about the products that are being used and they would want to try it out. Once they like the products and the superb service, they will be loyal customers.

There are even distributors who would actually share stories of things that would happen to them in their everyday life. Somewhere in the middle, they would add in some of the products of stampin up so that people can see. This is actually w method of indirect marketing using a story to promote a product in a very subtle manner.

Of course a lot of them would also write some inspiring stories about how they started. They usually would reiterate the things that happened when they first discovered the opportunity and how they went about. They would also try to encourage others to try it out as well.

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