Reasons to Buy Speaker Cable Wires

Many people who own a home theatre or a car audio system in Australia believe that speaker cable must be made of oxygen-free copper (OFC) so it will always deliver high-quality audio or video performance. They based this concept on the copper’s high conductivity rate when it maintains its pristine condition. Experts in audio and video equipment know that corrosion of the copper wires increases electrical resistance, which lowers conductivity. To avoid corrosion, manufacturers had to reduce or eliminate the oxygen inside the cables. Even when small amounts of moisture seeped through the insulation, the copper wires won’t oxidize quickly.

Whenever you purchase speaker wires for your car stereo or home theater system, make sure you get the right length and thickness of the best speaker cable available. Since a lower electrical resistance promotes better audio and video quality, you’ll need to shorten and thicken the cables. Most cables have two-wire couplings of polarized copper. For car audio systems, a speaker with a two-ohm load will need at least a three-foot circuit made of 22 AWG wire size. As a general rule, the resistance of the speaker wire should not exceed five percent of the rated impedance of the system.

Naturally, the high demand for OFC audio-video cables affects their retail prices in the market. Most of the cables and plugs sold by these web stores come from China, which has been a major partner of Australia in manufacturing and retail. So far, China and Australia were two of the more fortunate countries that survived through the recent bouts of recession. Because of these reasons, you’ll be paying a lesser amount for every meter when you buy speaker cable wires by bulk. In fact, you might even pay only two dollars per meter of speaker cables made from oxygen-free copper.

Besides the benefit of paying low prices for a high end speaker cable, Australian customers also enjoy free postage to any place Down Under or a next-delivery service by Express Post or Fastway Couriers. Online purchases that reach a total of one hundred and twenty dollars will receive a free delivery service. Orders made before four o’clock in the afternoon are shipped on the same day. Customers must provide the correct address and contact information in the order for couriers to easily track down the recipient’s location.

One of the great advantages of buying items online is the money-back guarantee offered by an online store. Based on the conditions of the shop, the customer may request for a full refund once the product was proven damaged or faulty. Naturally, the original copy of the invoice must be presented before a refund is issued. Lastly, any speaker cable that was mishandled during installation is not eligible for this money-back guarantee.

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