Removing Coke And Scale Deposits Completely Using DDT Decoking Services

Decoking Descaling Technology Inc (DDT) has head office in Lacombe, Canada. The company provides high quality decoking and descaling services for industrial fired heaters all around the world. The president of DDT, Orlande Sivacoe, invented off-line bi-directional hydraulic pigging of fired heaters for delayed cokers in oil refineries and bitumen upgraders. With the advanced decoking technology, DDT guarantees to remove all cokes and deposits from any fire heaters and pipelines.

With the invention of off-line bi-directional hydraulic pigging of fired heaters for delayed cokers in oil refineries and bitumen upgraders, DDT has hundreds of customers around the world. Their service customer satisfaction is one hundred percent. Owning the best technology and equipment in the world, DDT guarantees the complete removal of coke and deposits for all clients. By choosing DDT to perform the decoking descaling job, your business gets various benefits. With the clean pipes, your systems operate more smoothly, enhancing the overall work productivity. What’s more, the DDT process is eco-friendly. Unlike other decoking methods, the DDT process does not utilize any chemicals to harm the environment. Besides, DDT makes use of separate collection tank for residual deposits.

The whole decoking descaling process is thoroughly monitored; therefore, there are hardly any risks. DDT keeps a record of the hydraulic pressure versus time. It is possible to measure the piggs resistance during its travel through the pipes. By doing this, the operators can determine where in the pipe the cokes built up. You can find an array of interchangeable cleaning appendages, each of which is threaded into the device on every pigg.

Decoking process is very difficult to understand for ordinary people, but professionals, who work in Decoking Descaling Technology, exactly know how to do it properly. The DDT process utilizes a shut circle, independent water driven framework, making it an exceptionally protected and ecologically inviting framework. Throughout the cleaning operation, the projecting metal members on a pigg will clean and uproot the coke stores. A controlled measure of water streams around the pigg and past the cleaning extremity, in this way flushing the detached coke stores in front of the progressing pigg and into an accumulation tank.

The bidirectional cleaning control permits the decoking of furnace tubes with variable pipe diameters, and prevents the unnecessary repeated cleaning of less contaminated pipe sections, therefore reducing pipe abrasion. The removable appendages DDT own are numerous; each of which performs a specific function; therefore DDT believes there are no coke deposit they can not remove. Appendages selection depends on several factors such as the pipe material, the amount of coke deposits built up and also the progress in the decoking process.

The decoking process can be summarized in a few steps. The operators consider which piggs size and appendages to use based on the pipe and the coke amount. Next, they will increase the pigg size as the decoking process advances. While the pigg is doing its work, DDT operators make sure it is well controlled.

To enhance the productivity of your business, decoking descaling performed by DDT Inc is highly recommended. With their advanced equipment and technology, you can rest assured no coke deposits can be left in the fire heaters or the pipes of your business industrial systems.

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