Reviewing The Power Of Art By Simon Schama

The latest work to be done by Simon Schama regarding his adorable subject of arts is the power of art. In the past, the same author was known to write a bit of historical books, and his famous books on history include the rise of Dutch Republic, the results of French Revolution and also a work about slave trade. His books were mainly international bestsellers.

In apparent paradigm shift, Schama appears to turn his attention to writing about the world of arts, a subject that is actually his greatest interest. Even though he is now mentioned in the same breath with the most widely read historians, it is amazing how his love for the subject of arts shines in this latest book. If you have read his historical books, you are certainly going to love this one.

Regarding the book itself, it is heavy-paged, quite oversized and has some full-color prints of certain arts pieces. The pieces form the themes of each chapter. The book is composed of eight chapters, each of which deals specifically with one artist. Most of the artists discussed in this book are printers although there are also some sculptors.

Among the famous artists that the book dwells on are Rothko, Caravaggio and Van Gogh among several other top artists. Schama provides a lot of information about the lives of these artisans in the book. He goes ahead to reveal the untold troubles that the artists had to go through in nurturing their artistic skills.

Upleasantries are also described in this book, as are the unforeseen impacts of these experiences on the artistes themselves. An example is where the author writes of triumphs and failures of Bernini. There is also how he disagrees with his fellow artisans. Also not spared about Bernini is the challenges he faced when building some of the most renowned sculptures today.

Still on the lives of authors, you will also find the story concerning the life of Van Gogh. Particularly, his devotion which leads him to become a painter is much talked about. Picasso does not escape either as his troubles are also laid bare. This is especially his struggles with World War II events. Each chapter is masterfully described, and this splendidly draws the affectionate link between the work of an artist and the work that he comes up with.

Although this information is not necessarily important for anyone to enjoy art, it totally changes how people view this subject. The information also enables people to appreciate the emotions which were at play when the artists were undertaking their work. Simon Schama has chosen to concentrate on People and not Genre, which makes this book just like the one about the French Revolution, which focused on citizens.

However, it would be wrong to say that the power of art is entirely about the subject of art. It is about philosophy, sociology, psychology and politics. The information people get is not just about the artists themselves, but also about their challenges in becoming the leading artisans in the world. It takes a special person to understand what the book is all about

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