Safety Guidelines in Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing is an excellent surface water sport where the rider moves on a surfboard or a kiteboard and the wind pulls him through the water. The board sometimes has foot straps that bind the surfer and combined with the power of a huge controllable kite, the rider with the board are propelled across the water.

However, utmost care must be taken in this sport otherwise it can result in fatal injuries. You must definitely be trained by an experienced before venturing on kitesurfing. Here they teach you to launch and land your kite safely. You can learn self rescue, setting up the kite lines, attaching them and also know how to control the waterboard. You will learn all about relaunching, body dragging and waterstart so that you can protect yourself in case of any danger.

Most accidents in kitesurfing occur on the beach rather than when one is in the water. Check the lines before launching and while landing the kite and know to rig the lines properly. A helper may be used but he should know how to hold the kite properly and release it at the right time. If it is done too soon, you might get dragged along the earth. After launching the kite, the surfer should get into the water immediately as if there is any lofting then the water is a safer place to be in.

Take care to check your kitesurfing equipment as the kite lines must not be knotted as it may result in cutting up the lines and resulting in line failure. All your gear such as the kiteboard, harness, wetsuit et. cetera must be in excellent condition to avoid a nasty accident. After the lines are snapped, the kite moves and spirals powerfully and this can result in bodily injuries to the surfer.

You must be in control of a release system that operates quickly so that you can release yourself from the kite at any point of time. Don’t use snap shackles as they cannot be released under pressure. You must be aware of the safety system in the kite. See that you don’t let a kite line cross your finger or a limb as this could even result in a loss of a finger or limb if the kite is fully powered.

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