Searching For Gelatin Art Supplies

The use of gelatin has come a long way since it was used to create desserts in molds in the 1920s. Chefs and artists have experimented with it over the years, using it in all kinds of unusual ways. One of the most popular applications today is for use in 3D specialty cake decorating. This has made it very popular and gelatin art supplies are available from many stores, including those found online. The fact that these supplies are widely accessible, means that more individuals have the opportunity of trying their hand at this art form.

It is amazing to think that this protein made from boiling animal skins and bones can be used to create beautiful art. The fact that it is colorless and gels when it absorbs moisture offers many possibilities. It is also tasteless and can therefore be used in both savory and sweet dishes, from desserts to aspic and jellied soups. Sweets like nougat and Turkish delight are also made with this ingredient.

One of the ways in which it is most widely used today is in creating decorations for cakes. Stunning 3D creations can be made using tools that are easily purchased online. Even beginners are catered for by these stores and they can buy kits containing all the items they need to start making decorations. Veining sheets, texture sheets, wires, scissors and brushes are just some of these items.

Veining sheets are re-usable plastic sheets used to create stunning glass-like 3D works of art. They feature many different types of blossoms, leaves, butterflies and other images. These images are line drawings showing intricate details. Texture sheets are used to create items like bows and ribbons.

The method used to make decorations with these sheets is not difficult. The product is simply placed in water and heated so it dissolves properly. Color can then be added to the mixture. Once it is dissolved completely, it is brushed onto the images on the sheet and left to set. After it has set properly, it is peeled off and the images are then cut to shape.

Working with gelatin can sometimes prove quite tricky. The fact that it has to be mixed with a liquid first can cause some complications. Using too much or too little water cab mean it does not set properly or it becomes too stiff. Another factor to consider is that it becomes solid if not used. Fortunately, it quickly becomes liquid again when heated.

If the mixture is not used straight away, it sets into a solid but it can be heated up again to turn it back into a liquid. The time it takes to set depends upon several different factors. The temperature of the surrounding air is one of these. The longer the time given for setting, the more solid it becomes.

There are other tools that can also be bought to make your tasks easier such as brushes, spring scissors and wires. A big help for a beginner is to view an instructional video on exactly how to use the various products. Some sites provide such videos freely and one can follow the process step by step to master exactly how to create the most beautiful decorations.

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