Secure Your High Heels

It is a must for every women to possess a fine pair of stilettos. High heels are purely an essential feature of a woman’s wardrobe. But they do not come cheap and they are so delicate! How many times have you stepped out of a car or walked on paving or soft ground only to find that you have scuffed, scraped or ripped the heels before you’ve even shown them off. Unless you have the money to get a new pair of stilettos every time you go to a function, go out on a date, or simply would want to wear your very best pair of high heels, then you must some way to keep your heels safe from the dangers of every day life. Starlettos can aid you to safeguard the bottom of your heels and make certain that they stay in perfect working order for longer.

Keep the Balance Right

Starlettos are more than just stiletto heel protectors. They also uphold dignity by making sure you don’t fall or topple over at the wrong moment. Falling or toppling over in a function or a date is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. By widening the base of the heel, Starlettos heel protectors provide a greater support, letting you to walk smoothly on uneven, bumpy floors and lush or wet lawn.

Look Good in Any Occasion

Obviously, no stiletto support will be worth the money spent if it did not help the wearer to look cool. That is why so much thought has gone into imbuing Starlettos with an appealing, organic design. They not only do the job but they are cute little shoe products and can even be purchased in colors to complement your shoe.

Heel Protector of the Stars

Thanks to their undoubted star-appeal, Starlettos have been generally acclaimed in the media from magazines like Cosmo, and several national television appearances. Most recently Starlettos received the ultimate celebrity endorsement by being chosen as one of a handful of products from around the globe to be included in the Nominee gift bags at TV’s Night of Nights, the Emmy Awards. Now stars like Tina Fey, Jane Lynch and Sofia Vergara will never have to worry about their designer heels sinking again.

How Do You Use Starlettos?

Simply slip the heel protectors onto the base of the heel before you move out, and you can enjoy the rest of your day or evening without being afraid of falling over. They offer outstanding support for heels, without ruining the effect of wearing stilettos. Starlettos are the brain-child of Sydney-based shoe-lover, Ilde Naismith-Beeley, who came up with the idea when she was planning her wedding and faced a major shoe dilemma.

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