Sharing The Power: The Benefits Of Having A Combined USB Ad Wireless Charger

Do you get tired of having to charge your devices all over the place because of the limited number of outlets? Don\’t you hate those tangling wires and the heavy multiple chargers and instead want to go into the hype of wireless alternatives? USB chargers are still the most useful as they can often be used for many types of devices without being choosy. More like a universal charger for all your gadgets.

Do not misunderstand. It is still a charger wired and plugged to your wall power outlet. The difference is that not only does it have a Qi-standard transmission pad, but it also has four USB ports to charge your other devices.

What are the benefits of having this nifty accessory among your device peripherals? Here are a few things that might make you search for the thing in the market:

Portability – this thing can charge 5 devices all at once. Parallel charge two tablets, two phones via USB connection and one mobile Qi-enabled device. Your devices wouldn\’t have to take turns charging at that sadly lonesome adapter in your vehicle or that strangely alone outlet in your room.

They call it the Vority Qi-standard and 4-port USB charger. As the name implies, it has 4 USB ports in addition to the Qi-standard inductive power transmitter. Given that the ports have specs that are not universal, you can still charge a maximum of two tablets and two mobile phones in addition to the Qi-enabled device charging via inductive power transfer. That\’s a whopping total of five devices that will charge from just one outlet parallel!

But with a new USB wireless charger that features not only four USB ports to dock your devices, you will also have a wireless Qi-standard main feature that will charge any Qi-tech enabled device. Either you have one of those specially manufactured mobiles, or you have equipped your device with a Qi-standard receiver.

It also has safety features so you won\’t have to worry a nick about your gadgets.

Qi-standard – this wireless USB charger is equipped with the recently developed Qi-standard inductive power charging feature. So you can wirelessly charge the device that is either manufactured already Qi-enabled or one you have equipped with a Qi-tech receiver. You should check the compatibility of your device with the receiver, in that case.

USB charger – one of the most commonly used chargers to replace broken or outdated chargers, USB chargers are useful as they are able to function across all devices that require the same power output. The combined feature charger has two ports for tablets and two ports for mobile phones.

Now, you see these are very nice things to have in a combined wireless USB charger, aren\’t they? The thing is, there is still only one out in the market today: a nifty little package under the name Vority. Of course, soon many will attempt to make the same features in some other charger brand, but at least you know where it would all start. So, let the trend go on.

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