Skull Sleeve And Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

Skull sleeve tattoos are awesome and perfect tattoos available in a variety of styles and colors. They are very suitable for both men and women who want to get unique and cool body ink art. They provide unique hallmarks in their projection of very prominent skull images.

The appropriateness of skull sleeve tattoos is brought to the core when worn by people who want their art to be easily seen by everybody. The more masculine image they bring make them perfect choices for men. The skull has always been a well-liked tattoo symbol probably because incorporating it with other appropriate symbols has been proven to produce more visually interesting results.

Skull sleeve tattoos portray the skull image as a universally and terribly flexible symbol. The skull could either be depicted as fierce or evil or as elegant and charming. When incorporated with other symbols, they can develop a theme all their own.

Japanese sleeve tattoos are almost reproductions of famed Japanese paintings. It is this quality of Japanese tattoos from which they get their uniqueness. They easily put the art of body painting on a pedestal all its own. Other than this, Japanese tattoo designs carry different symbolisms unique to each and every individual design.

The Sakura or cherry blossom when incorporated in Japanese sleeve tattoos are representations of life. The Koi fish tattoos are strong symbols for luck. The Japanese dragon tattoos are expressions of strength coming from supernatural powers. The Hannya mask tattoos are believed to be bringers of good luck to its surroundings.

Contrary to popular belief, Japanese sleeve tattoos carrying the Hannya mask as its focal point is not a representation of Satan or the devil. Hannyas are purported to be terrestrial monsters, who are unable to deal with their feelings of passion, jealousy and hate. Used as a representation of devil possession in Japanese theater, the mask can only be removed by its wearer once Buddha releases him from his possession. This is hell as conceptualized in the Japanese Buddhist tradition.

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