Skulls Are In Fashion

Skull Gear Apparel Inc began in 2006 from me going to many Motorcycle events and seeing how People would react to the Biker Shirts and Gear. I would see what they Liked, what they didn’t Like and I would see what I liked and what I didn’t Like. At one point I said out loud ” I can make Cool Shirts that everyone will Love and can Wear too. Not being one who just talks the talk, The Idea slowly started forming in my head to create a Cool Line of T-shirts. [I:]

I wanted to come up with shirts that not only Bikers would want to wear but everyone who wanted to look cool would wear . I talked with some Bro’s about becoming part of the company with me as I was hopping this could be something I could share with friends. They seemed interested in being a part of SGA Inc at first, but as things started to get going they were all too busy with Family’s and Jobs. In 2011 SGA Inc was pretty much a dead failed idea, finding myself with some free time. I had everything transferred into my name and I invested a lot of time and money into rebuilding the Company.

At First it was only friends and family purchasing the Shirts but soon their friends wanted Shirts too. Now that the Website is up and People can order from around the world things have started moving.

The Ideas for the Skull Gear Shirts come from what I see and hear around me , The new Girls Skeleton Heart Hands Design Shirt came from seeing all the girls on facebook doing the heart hands in their online profile pictures and I thought it would make a Cool Shirt (but with an SGA Inc twist).

The Idea for the New Guys Fist Shirt With the Saying “Violate My Biker Rights and You better watch Out for my Biker Left” Came from my being into and Fighting for Biker Rights for so many Years, My Bro Big Tom Berg used to bust my Chops all the Time Saying how I worry so much about Biker rights I am going to miss the Biker Lefts, slowly it formed into the saying it is today. The Shirt is a tribute to Big Tom Berg, He was hit by a car on his Motorcycle and passed on in 2010, So now you all know what the BTB I had placed on the Knuckles of the fist Stands for (Don’t tell anyone OK?). I have another Sweat Shirt coming out in Fall 2012 Based on another idea from Big Tom. I am also working on a Shirt in Memory of my Bro Ted Wern who died from Cancer.

The Company is a Labor of Love and I enjoy Putting my Time and Money into it. The Company is only breaking even at this time, But the response and feed back has been great and seeing someone wearing SGA Inc is Cool. I thank everyone who has helped promote SGA Inc and everyone who has bought SGA Inc gear, Only because of the people who like this small independent Clothing company have we survived and I have plans for the Future.

Tell Your Local Clothing Store to Sell Skull Gear Apparel Inc.

LJ James is Person who enjoys skull clothing LJ James recommends powder coating on Metal Tools. This article, Skulls Are In Fashion is released under a creative commons attribution license.