Smartphone Security Issues

Based on mobile computing platforms, smartphones are made with more advanced computing ability and connectivity. Smartphones can perform both the features of a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone or a camera phone. But smartphone security issues are a big deal to be concerned about.

There are some important security tips to be aware of when using your smartphone.Screen locking and setting passwords are very important aspects of smartphone security. This makes it impossible for someone to access your phone if you have left it for a period of time. Some research has shown that not even half of the owners of smartphones use these capabilities of their smartphones. Remote locating systems should be installed in the phones to locate them when lost. Smartphone remote locating system does work primarily on GPS system.

Screen locking and setting passwords for smartphone security is very important. Screen locking should be done for access to your phone to avoid trespassing into your important information. A survey by the AVG says less than half of the smartphone users use this smartphone security characteristic. Bluetooth visibility mode should also be turned off if the feature is not in use because this could lead to unauthorized access of your phone.

Hardware manufacturers of your smartphone make operating system updates available for your device including new features and smartphone security related improvements. Therefore it’s good to apply updates regularly to improve your smartphone security. Text messaging can carry spam, so do not respond to any kind of links in a text message especially if you do not use anti-virus protection. You can find unwanted software and unexplained charges on your bills. Even visibility mode of Bluetooth in your smartphone should be turned off when it is not in use because surely you don’t want any third party access in your Smartphone.

Use of anti-virus and smartphone security related software is very important. Malware sources always notice your smartphone. Also try to avoid public Wi-Fi hot spot zones as they provide unsecure connectivity and this can leave your data open to eavesdroppers and theft. There are many applications available free or at a very low cost which you may want to download to your smartphone. But recently malware-laden applications were discovered and removed as well so it is better to beware of the applications you are using.

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