Some Points To Consider Before Purchasing A Mig Welder

For small welding jobs around the workshop, a Mig welder is probably ideal. The term ‘MIG’ means ‘metal inert gas’ and is one form of welding. This method of joining several pieces of metal together uses an electric arc to melt the metals together. The arc creates intense heat at the site. A short circuit starts the arc which is then controlled in the machine from a control board.

To create the weld a filler wire is fed through a welding gun. An arc is created when the wire touches the metal of the opposite polarity. As the wire melts it forms a weld. There is a variety of portable units available.

The wire is shielded by an inert gas called ArgoShield. This is a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide. The gas ‘shields’ the molten metal from the air thus avoiding a weak and brittle weld. Both the gas and the wire come through a handpiece with the shape of a gun. The user operates a trigger to control the wire.

The wire comes in a coil of varying elements depending on the materials being welded. Generally this is copper-coated steel. The copper minimises the spatter of tiny but brilliant sparks. A welding mask is imperative as the bright ultraviolet light can burn the retina of the eye.

Portable welders can be purchased in both stick and MIG types. While stick welders are slightly cheaper, they may not be the best choice for your circumstances. The materials to be welded need to considered. The voltage varies between models or you may want to buy a unit which connects to a vehicle battery. These vary in their cycle length of cycles. Some models take several sizes of wire spools. These come in different sizes for 0.2kg to 5kgs.

Gasless units enable the tradesman to use gasless wire. The current on many models is adjustable allowing the user to vary the current as required. There may be a light to indicate that the unit is overheating. An internal cooling fan aids in keeping the welder cool. A Mig welder is not as difficult to use as some other types. You will be surprised at the variety available.

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