Special Concerns to Take Into Consideration When Knitting for Babies

If you love to knit, you have probably created beautiful items for friends and family alike. One of the most satisfying projects a knitter can take on is to fashion a precious knitted item for a new baby. What can be more special than an heirloom quality item that was crafted by your own hand? If you have decided to indulge in some knitting for babies however, there are a few concerns that you should address before creating that next special gift. Knitting for babies requires some thought about safety and comfort that you would not necessarily need to be concerned with if knitting for someone older.

There are three categories of lace knitting that you can consider trying. The first is an eyelet pattern that consists of a small series of holes in a particular pattern. From spitting up formula, to diaper blowouts, those tiny people need to be cleaned up quite regularly. That is why anything that goes on a baby’s body, with the exception perhaps of that beautiful silk christening gown that will only be worn once, needs to stand up to frequent washings.

Fortunately, if you are knitting for babies, there are many wonderful yarns that are completely machine-washable. A number of acrylic yarns now have bounce-back fibers that allow your knitted piece to regain its shape after regular washing and drying. If you prefer, there are many wool and cotton blends that are also machine washable. No matter what material you decide to use, it is a good idea to enclose washing instruction for parents. You can find recommendations for washing on the wraps of most yarn skeins.

Knitting for babies also requires you to take safety into consideration as you are creating your piece. Garments with holes in them can catch little fingers, so knitted lace may not be a good choice for sweaters. Strings are a choking hazard, so if you are making mittens or hoods, omit the strings in favor of other attachment options.

Lace knitting can be a fun and beautiful addition to your knitting repertoire. With a little practice at the basic stitches and the pattern charts, you will be on your way to creating spectacular handmade lace in no time at all!Finally, when knitting for babies think about how the piece will feel against a baby’s skin. Babies are usually rather sensitive, so yarn that is scratchy or itchy might be quite irritating to a little guy. Opt for yarns that are soft when knitting baby items. There is no more special gift that you can give than a beautiful piece that was knitting for babies. With the amazing selection of patterns available you are virtually unlimited in your choices for knitting for babies’ items.

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