Spice Up Your Life by Growing Basil

If you’re hesitating in starting your own garden, hesitate no more. Owning your own garden can take not only your health, but the money you manage to save in a month to a whole new level. Imagine you want a salad, and all you have to do is walk outside, grab your ingredients and have a blast.

If you grow your own produce you eliminate the fear of not knowing what is in your fruit or vegetables. Many of the grocers get their produce from commercial farms. In the effort to grow more produce and faster some products used might pose a health risk for you.

While the chemicals that are sprayed on the produce to kill pests and weeds might be beneficial for the healthy growth of the plant, they tell a different story when consumed. You might find yourself getting sick from ingesting these products. In addition, there are some products which are imported form other countries. They need to be preserved with certain chemicals. These are not safe either if consumed for long periods.

Not all grocery stores get their produce from places that do these things, but enough do so your better of knowing what you put on them, and being able to control what goes on them. That way you know that everything you’re putting into your body is healthy and good for you.

Checking for what grows well during which season is the best way to get a great produce. Do not try to defy nature by growing produce that does not excel during certain seasons. Nature will surely beat you. However, you can always grow your produce indoors when it is not in season. In addition, try to grow what you will need each day. This will cut down on the costs you will have to incur buying them. A good example is spices.

Basil is a great spice to grow. It can be grown outside or indoors. In addition, it can be used as flavoring in almost any meal. If you enjoy eating meat, then adding basil will take your meats to a while new level.

Basil does not do well outside during winter. The best thing to do is dry it and grind it to powder. However, you can grow it indoors during winter if you like it fresh. To use it when fresh, just wash it and add it to your meal.

Grow Basil if you want to save few bucks on your monthly grocery bills. How To Grow Basil is not a big constraint however.!