Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Whoever like Japanese Action-RPG game must have heard of Star Ocean Last Hope, it’s a latest of its series. Star Ocean 4: The Last hope exclusive for both X-Box 360 and PS 3, the game play focus on team oriented fighting. A 4 party members is a feature of the fighting theme in this Star Ocean.

Story of Star Ocean: The Last Hope

The beginning of the last hope is Planet Earth on the edge of devastation in S.D 0010.

The chaos and destruction is the result of World War III which had broken out among the World Republic Federation and their enemies. The weapons used in this war have rendered the planet almost inhabitable.

The population which survived the war, living in underground confinements has formed an organization; the Greater United Nations which has further established a body known as the Universal Science and Technology Administration (USTA).

The Mission of USTA is to identify a new planet in outer space to relocate the remaining population earth.

In the game, the first humans are on an expedition to find another planet where they could survive.

Game play :Star Ocean 4

All the previous games of the series were based on real time battle and so is The Last Hope. The number of battling players has again been returned to four, like in the first two parts of the game. In the third installment of the game this number was reduced to three.

In the Last Hope you can use a New Rush Gauge function that allows you to use a special skill to strike again yours foes or strike a primary attack. And the blindsides feature allow you to move to yours opponent blind spot and then attack them.

A Player can take the role of the captain of the Spaceship SRF-003 Calnus. The Calnus has a flight deck from where the missions are planned and a recreation room where the teammates can hangout. Team members can also conduct training sessions.

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