Taking Classes Online is noticeably Greener than On Campus Courses!

Online college courses are becoming more popular today and definately will continue to grow more preferred as modern technology becomes more advanced. Many people fail to realize the influence online education has on the environment. Consider the amount of paper which is used in conventional education, as well as the volume of gas that is used to get students to and from school. For classes online, all you need is access to a working computer with internet, there is no need for reams of notebook paper.

There were 5.6 million college students signed up for classes in the fall of 2010. Over 15 million trees can be saved if the 5.6 million university students took their courses online rather than from a conventional university. You can help the environment by utilizing less gasoline and paper and instead deciding to take your university courses on the web. Normal universities occupy large spaces of land and a good volume of that property is wasted developing parking lots. Whenever you take classes online you just need your computer, rather than big buildings and parking lots.

Normally, a college student will spend as much as $500 on gas per semester. When working on a 4 year degree, a college student may spend as much as $4000 for transportation costs. A university student that doesn’t have much money should consider classes online since you save so much money in comparison to taking classes at a campus. Somebody who takes online classes not only helps their personal wallet but also helps protect the environment. One entire oil tanker can hold enough gas to fill the cars of 20,000 college students for 4 years of college, if each student switched to online classes we would save 30 oil tankers worth of gas.

The ability to help to protect the environment while taking classes online causes you to feel like you are making a difference. A lot of people take them for the flexibility along with cost efficiency. There are several benefits to online colleges, and being environmentally-friendly is one of the advantages. Taking classes online will also help lower your expenses. If you educate a group of 40,000 students, online courses are 78% cheaper than conventional education procedures. All of that money will do a lot for college students who need it, instead of going to the pockets of the investors it can help feed families and allow individuals to pursue their aspirations.

Considering the good things online colleges do, imagine what added benefits they will bring once they are fully developed and popular. Online courses already are a great option for a college degree, but they have a ways to go and things are only going to get better. If you like conserving money as well as the environment, online classes are a fantastic choice.

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