Tattoo For Wing Of Angel

The wings in an angel wing tattoo are inspirational and spiritual symbols for flight. They can also be interpreted as a symbol of romance, when incorporated with the image of Cupid. Other significances attached to wings include an earthly existence, the freedom of the human spirit and the boundaries between man and the divine.

Tattoo lovers find the angel wing tattoo alluring primarily because of the profound and spiritual meaning attached to it. Many people wear this tattoo on their back so they would feel like an angel with real wings. The size of this tattoo ranges from covering the higher part of the back to masking the entire back.

The wings in an angel wing tattoo can be symbolic of God’s presence in one’s life and therefore an expression of one’s faith and beliefs. Angels are looked at as messengers from heaven who are sent down to earth to provide love, support, comfort, protection, healing and guidance to humankind.

An angel wing tattoo can also be a reminder that an individual is never alone on this earth. He has an unseen constant companion in the person of his guardian angel. This reminder is perfect for individuals who live alone because it gives them the security they need from knowing that someone is there to protect them. It gives them strength and courage in their aloneness and leads them away from fear and desolation.

An angel wing tattoo can also be a message of hope. A loved one who has just passed away can actually be an angel in the next life. It would be a wonder, but nevertheless, a possibility that he could be the guardian angel assigned to you. Whether or not he is, he is sure to be somewhere out there watching over your welfare. An angel wing tattoo could also serve as an expression of a desire to reach out and communicate with these heavenly creatures.

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