Tattoos For Cover Up And Miami Ink Tattoos

When a person gets tattooed, the tattoo ink is dispersed about a millimetre under the skin and remains in a layer called the dermis. The dermis is under the epidermis, the visible layer of the skin. When a cover up tattoo is inked over an existing tattoo, the existing tattoo is not actually replaced rather its pigment is mixed with the pigment of the new tattoo.

The careful planning of what design to use for the personal cover up tattoo is very important. Remember that cover up here actually refers to hiding an old tattoo and not pounding blank ink over its top to replace it. Areas of solid black ink to completely eradicate an old tattoo is not required in a good camouflage.

By taking a look at the old tattoo and drawing the cover up tattoo using the shapes of the old design, you would have taken the best approach in creating your cover up design. With a sharpie or skin marker, you can make a copy of the old tattoo on a tracing paper or acetate. The sketch is placed on a light table and a clean sheet is placed on top of it. The many options for the cover up design is then drawn on top of the old tattoo copy.

Unique tattoo designs are available on the internet. Popularly referred to as Miami ink tattoos, getting one is a process consisting of four simple steps, signing up on their website, selecting a design from the 25,000 pieces they offer, saving your chosen design on your computer and printing it out on paper.

Miami ink tattoos are for people who are extremely choosy about body art. For these people, a tattoo is not just anything literal or universal. It is something more personal and quite complicated. It is a visual representation of an idea that forms inside the head, an idea of how you see yourself or how you want to express your passion.

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