Texas Criminal Records Free List Online

Access to criminal records is vital to individuals seeking employment as well as companies who are looking to fill up vacancies in their companies. The records contain pertinent information as well as the person’s history including places lived in and criminal records if there are any. Criminal records are available to the public as it is considered as public property. Texas criminal records, for example are available online. The criminal records are under the Public Information Act that guarantees the access of the public to any government information. Request for information should all be made in writing as the State does not recognize phone request and will not entertain it. E-mailed requests are accepted if the person requesting the information were to send it through the “Public Information Request Page” in the site or to the State’s valid email address.

There are five types of crime records service available for the public in the Texas Department of Public Safety website. These services are (a) Texas Public Sex Offender Registry, (b) Criminal History Conviction Search, (c) Texas Recovery and Identification Program or T.R.I.P, (d) Help End Auto Theft or H.E.A.T and (e) Metals Registration Program.

The Sex Offender Registry of the State of Texas contains information on registered sex offenders. One can view the records as well as download the registry. The Criminal history conviction search contains information on criminal cases where the accused has already received conviction. Records available are limited to public information only and some cases, which contain juvenile, sealed, or expunged cases, are not available. The Recovery and Identification program is dedicated for farm owners who want to register their farm equipment with the government. This helps to track the stolen equipment easily. Last but not the least is the Anti-auto theft program or the HEAT that is dedicated to help people whose vehicles were stolen.

For criminal records, the State of Texas provides the public with the Conviction Database. The database is composed of records that are gathered from the DPS -CCH or the Texas computerized Criminal History System. The records include those reports such as arrests and convictions made in Texas that are classified as Class B misdemeanor. Some records might be restricted and not available for public.

To file for a request for criminal report, the person requesting should read the systematic guide presented by the State in CR63. Criminal records are under the Public Information Act of the US Law though failure to comply with the guide would leave the request unprocessed. Bear in mind that records that are allowed for the public are those records that have already received conviction or grants for adjudication. Requests may be made by email, mail or fax. Do remember to include all the pertinent details as well as the $10 fee for each request. The fee is accepted in money order or check form only.

For those individuals or companies who are looking for basic information pertaining to other criminal records, they can check out free criminal records online. There are different websites offering free search of basic criminal records.

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